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Welcome to Doug's Hyundai! We know you love your Hyundai and want to take good care of it, and so do we! Click here to schedule service or call 425-582-7806 to speak with a service adviser.


Your driving patterns are unique to you, so your Hyundai's service needs may be a little different than the Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 recommendations. We find that most people in our area have driving patterns that fit Schedule 2. However, many of us don't go very far when we drive (regardless of how much time we spend on the freeway…).


Doug's Hyundai recommends the Hyundai Minor Maintenance every 3750 miles OR 3 months - whichever comes first for most models. This is the default reminder that we will set for your window sticker. If you prefer something different, let us know and we will be very happy to follow your plan!


The Hyundai Minor Maintenance is the building block of all the services your Hyundai will need over it's lifetime. In addition to the Minor, additional items will be recommended by time, miles, and inspection. Your Hyundai is very easy to maintain!  


Curious about what's coming up for your Hyundai maintenance? We would love to talk to you about your car, or if you'd prefer to do a little research first please scroll down below to view your vehicle's Maintenance Schedule!

               Minor Maintenance     


 Hyundai                                                 Most Models    $54.99

 Genesis                                               Most Models    $74.99

 Hyundai Ioniq                                                             $94.99

 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited                                         $64.99

 Cabin Air Filter (Hyundai & Genesis)                      $45.00

 Engine Air Filter Hyundai                                          $36.00

 Engine Air filter Genesis                                             $49.00     

 Coolant renewal                                                         $100.00

 Transmission fluid drain and refill  

 Automatic - Hyundai/Genesis          Starting at       $150.00               

 Manual- drain and refill                                            $115.00

 Transfer case/differential Service                             $95.00   

 Spark Plugs (vary by model - contact our service team for service intervals & prices)

Timing Belt Replacement - by engine (includes replace timing belt and drive belts, inspect tension-er & idler)

4 Cylinder                                                                       $450.00

6 Cylinder - 2.7L, 3.3L                                                  $580.00

6 Cylinder - 3.5L                                                            $680.00

Tires & Wheels

Alignment                                                                        $90.00   

Tire Balance (Road Force)                                             $70.00 

Tire rotation (included with Minor Maintenance)      $25.00

Tire patch                                                                         $22.00

A/C Service                                               Starting at    $180.00


Pre-Sale Inspection                                                         $165.00               


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